Edited Book Title -Recent Research in Physical and Chemical Sciences” Volume-2

The main theme and sub-themes for consideration of the book:

  • Physical Sciences

    1. Condensed Matter
    2. Condensed Matter Theory.
    3. High Energy and Particle Theory.
    4. Nuclear Physics
    5. Particle Physics
    6. Quantum Gravity and Field Theory.
    7. Quantum Information Science.
    8. Astronomy and Astrophysics
    9. Biophysics
    10. Computational Physics
    11. High Energy Theory and Cosmology
    12. Plasma Physics
    13. Nonlinear Optics and Photonics
                      Chemical SciencesAstrophysics Observation, Instrumentation,
    1. Organic Chemistry
    2. Inorganic Chemistry
    3. Physical Chemistry
    4. Theoretical Chemistry
    5. Chemistry-Biology Interface
    6. Materials Chemistry
    7. Catalysis
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    1. Maximum length of paper : 2500 words (around 10-20 pages)
    2. All book chapters must be typed in A4 Size (Font Size 12 in 1.5Point Space in a single column with atleast 1 inches margin on all sides)
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    9. References: References to the literature cited for the manuscript should be numbered in order of appearance in the manuscript and cited in the text with superscript numbers. The reference number should follow the following format.
    For Journals Format: Author(s) of article (surname initials). Title of the manuscript. Journal title. Year of publication; volume number (issue number): page numbers.
    Standard journal article (If more than six authors, the first six shall be listed followed by et al.)
    Example: Gupta MP, Sharma K, Khan BU, Kapoor BC, Bajpai PK, Kumar A et al. Tissue specific esteraseisozyme variation
    in Clarias batrachus and C. gariepinus. Global Journal of Pharmacology. 2009; 3(1):1-5.
    For Books and other monograph Format: Author AB, Author BB, Author CC. Title of Book. Ed, Vol,Publisher, City, year, page numbers.
    Example: Nadkarni KM. Indian Materia Medica. Edn 3, Vol. I, Popular Prakashan, Mumbai, 2000, 242-246.
    For Patent Reference: Gupta PK, Garg M. Submicron emulsions as ocular drug delivery vehicles, U.S. Patent US 5496811; 1996.
    For Website Reference: Quick dissolving tablets.
    http://www.biospace.com. 27 May, 2001.

    Edited By

    Dr.  Susheel Kumar Singh 
    (Assistant Professor)
    Department of Physics
    HLYB PG College Lucknow
    Dr.  Bhuvan Bhasker Srivastava
    (Associate Professor & Head)
    Department of Physics
    Shia PG College Lucknow, UP, India
    Prof.(Dr.) C.K. Dixit
    (Dean& Head)
    Department of Physics
    DSMNRU Lucknow, UP, India